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Monday, November 1, 2010

All the bells and whistles!

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Recently, I was at my parents home. My darling six year-old niece was also hanging out at Tutu and Grampa's for her Sunday morning grandparent time.

Grampa had recently gotten a new vehicle. As Tutu was describing all the features Grampa's new car contained, she used the phrase "all the bells and whistles" and suggested that Grampa show the Kidlet and I the new vehicle.

So, Grampa takes on us a "tour" of the car. He opens the car door, and a faint "ding!" sounds. Kidlet climbs in and looks around as Grampa tells me more about the car. And, then the Kidlet looks up and says, "Where's the whistle?"

I nearly fell over. For a six year-old, Kidlet is pretty quick. And Grampa had to think quick on his feet to whistle quickly.

I love that child!

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